Many men are shocked to hear from the doctor that they are infected with chicken crepes. They do not understand the reason why they bring them to the evil social disease. In order to address this problem, doctors at the HCMH will share with men the necessary information about the causes of meningococcal disease in men, thus helping men to see better. as well as for disease prevention so that the most effective.

- Scabies is a socially dangerous disease caused by Human Papiloma Virus (HPV). Men with genital warts without timely treatment will have a significant impact on their health, psychological well-being, sexuality, fertility, even if they are infected with HPV types 16-18. Very high cancer risk.


- Male genital warts are usually incubated for 2 to 9 months with the following manifestations: • “little boy” or any skin area exposed to viral secretions HPV will grow pinkish, soft spots that look like chrysanthemum flowers, cauliflowers, with a diameter of 1-2 mm. If the nostrils continue to grow, connect them together into a large bunch. When the hands are pressed into the croup will see the discharge, if the impact or strong friction will bleed, causing pain, discomfort, foul odor.

Causes of chicken crest in men

- Through unsafe sex: Because HPV can be transmitted from person to person during unprotected sex, including oral sex, or having sexually transmitted sex. subject. This is believed to be the most common pathogenic chicken infectious agent.


- Direct contact with the secretion of disease: In people with weakened immune system the risk of infection of chicken crest is very high because the chicken crest can be infected when in direct contact with the patient’s pus on the map personal use, clothing, or open wounds.


It is noteworthy that the disease has spread so fast, but there are currently no specific drugs for this disease. The use of oral medications, as present only to reduce the symptoms, injuries, disease more stable only. The disease is still likely to recur at any time because the HPV virus still exists inside the body.


Treatment of chicken creamy, effective

Understanding that at present, HCM International has been applying a lot of methods to support effective treatment of chicken crest in men effective as follows:

+, Cutting method, high frequency electrocardiogram: This is a surgical procedure that is used to remove (burn or cut) mucosal areas of infected skin, damaged areas or high risk areas. Cancer is caused by HPV virus.


+, The method of activating the DNA itself: To remove the external appearance of the chicken crest that our eyes can see. Then continue to infect the infectious organizations to cut off the virus cell genes, completely destroy the virus, prevent infection spread, help the body improve self-immunity, re Rebuild damaged cells, preventing recurrence.

+, ALA-PDT photodynamic therapy: Prevents and minimizes proliferation of fibrous tissue and fibroid tumors, removes the virus for prolonged immunity to the virus. Short treatment time, high safety not cause pain, not to damage the surrounding tissue, especially good control, difficult to relapse.


- In addition, the doctors of the clinic also advised women should combine supportive treatment of East-West combined to bring effective treatment support closure, increase resistance, nourish the body as well as minimize Maximum side effects of antibiotics.

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